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iPhone SDK 3.3.1

posted Aug 12, 2010, 4:51 AM by Srikanth Kakani
Announcing iPhone SDK 3.3.1, with newer APIs for on demand ad playback.

This release is not required for everyone.

Release notes

Version 3.3.1


API Version: 1.7

1. Added new API - isPreAppAvailable

2. Added new API - (void)openWithAppKey:(NSString*)applicationKey useLocation:(BOOL)use withFrame:(CGRect) frame startWithBanners: (BOOL) start startWithPreApp: (BOOL) preAppStart;

3. Added new API - playPreApp

4. Added new API - isInAppAvailable - This API returns if a playable in-app format is available with the SDK or not

5. Added new API - isBannerAvailable - This API returns if a playable banner format is available with the SDK or not

6. Added a new API - rotateBanner - This API allows the user to play a banner on request.

7. Added new delegate method - playedPreApp : corresponds to playPreApp.

8. Added new delegate method - noPreApp: corresponds to playPreApp API


1. If older (initialization) API is used you will get noVDOAd, playedVDOAd callback.

2. Typical usage for this new API along with playInApp is for onDemand playback of all ad positions.

3. AdUnit control is still available via the portal.