Creating a universal binary

This page is a quick tutorial on how to integrate, iVdopia Ads into universal SDKs for iPhone OS4, iPhone OS 3.0 and iPad OS 3.2


With OS 4 being released there are several versions of iPhone OS out there in the market. According to our statistics up to 30% of the entire user base has moved to iPhone 4.0 and in case of some apps we are able to see close to 50% of the users have moved to iPhone 4.0.

Interestingly enough iPad usage is around ~5% of the entire iPhone/iPod usage. Clearly there is a great need to not only support iPhone OS4 but also have backward compatibility with the older versions of the OS.


You will need the following to create a universal binary.

Creating the universal Binary.

After you follow the Integrating iPhone SDK tutorial (or if you are upgrading from an older version you need to simply drag-drop the libraries (libVDOAdsSimulator.a and libVDOAdsDevice.a) to replace the older files. Post which very simple steps need to be followed to have universal support for iVdopia Video and Interstitial Ads.

First you need to download version 3.1.0 or above of iPhone SDK from Files.

You need to follow four simple steps to create a universal binary:
1. Open the Project Info panel by right clicking on the target that you need to modify.

2. Modify the Type of MediaPlayer.framework from "Required" to "Weak"

3. In the build settings, search for "iPhone OS Deployment Target" and set it to iPhone OS 3.0

4. In the build settings search for "Base SDK" and set it to "iPhone Device 4.0"

[if you are trying to create a universal binary for iPad as well do not forget to set the target device to iPhone/iPad or as appropriate]