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Ads Received on adFormat Parameter

We try our best to minimize unavailable inventory by picking up the best available format based on input adFormat paramater. Here is what happens in following cases:

Choosing adformats in the portal

When you choose ad formats in the portal, that means you are enabling all those ads on your channel. We will pick up one of these ads based on input adFormat parameter.

Specifying adFormat in the JavaScript tag

Even if the specified ad format doesn't exist in your selected ad formats in the portal, we assume that you intentionally wants to execute this type of ad. And if there are any replaceable ad formats present in your selected ads then we consider those as well for serving.

Ad Format chosen based on input adFormat

Here is the list of additional formats chosen by our system based on input adFormat.

 Input adFormat Additional Ad formats Chosen
 banner html, leadervdo
banner, leadervdo 
 preappvideo preinter
 preinter preappvideo
 ininter inappvideo
 vdobanner html, banner
 leadervdo banner, html
 server every format except ininter and inappvideo

Note: We only pickup those ad formats which have been selected in the portal though.

Effect of dimension parameter

Dimension parameter plays a key role while selecting appropriate ad. We respect dimension parameter in following input adFormats.
banner html leadervdo static preinter ininter
If dimension parameter is present then we only look for the ads which satisfies the exact dimension requested in the tag. If there is no dimension specified in the tag then we pick up ads using following method.
 adFormat(s) behavior
 banner, html, staticWe pick only ads with dimension set to 300x50 or 320x48 
 leadervdowe pick only ads with dimension set to 728x90 
 ininter, preinterno filtering is applied