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Vdopia's VAST solution for mobile allows VAST based ad feeds to be served to mobile sites and apps. Vdopia's ad servers make server-to-server calls to fetch ad feeds, convert videos to mobile-friendly formats and serve the ads to mobile properties. All VAST feed trackers are called from the devices (i.e. not server-to-server).
The VAST feed provided to Vdopia to serve to mobile must follow the following specs:

  • The VAST provider must support VAST server-to-server VAST feed fetching. (No changes are usually required for this). The tag should allow IP address to be input if the VAST provider needs this for targeting / book-keeping.
  • The response must follow the VAST 2.0 standard.
  • The response must contain the ad to be served - wrapper ads / VAST chaining in not supported.
  • The media file URL should not be "randomized" - i.e. if the same ad is served then the media file URL should be the same (cache-busters as URL parameters are acceptable).
  • The response must contain a single ad with a single video (linear) creative to be served. A single tag may cycle through multiple creatives across calls.
  • The returned ad must contain a single Media file URL - standard video formats like .mp4 and .flv are supported.
  • Companion ads are not processed even if returned by the feed.
VAST URL – The URL which provided should accept a “site-id” parameter which uniquely identifies the site/app on which the ad will be shown. e.g http://<vast-server>/<vast-script-path/?ip_addr=[IPADDRESS]&site_id=[SITE_ID]&content_page_url=[REFURL]&user_agent=[USER_AGENT]&cb=[RAND]

These macros are available and can be passed to the VAST ad provider:


Details of available targeting parameters:

VDOFLO Targeting Parameters

Sample VAST XML Response that we support to deliver ads:

<VAST version="2.0">
<Ad id="1746103">
<AdSystem version="1.0">Vdopia Adplatform</AdSystem>
<Description>Integration Test</Description>
<Creative sequence="1">
<Tracking event="start"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="firstQuartile"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="midpoint"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="thirdQuartile"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="complete"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="skip"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="pause"></Tracking>
<Tracking event="replay"></Tracking>
<MediaFile delivery="progressive" bitrate="262" height="300" width="400" type="video/mp4">
<Extension type="Price">
<Price model="CPM" currency="USD" source="Vdopia">14.29</Price>

RTB Marketplace


If the VAST URL is set up to participate in the RTB marketplace then each call will include a floor price. The currency for the floor-price is USD, and bids below the price should not be submitted.

Price extension

The price extension is optional - it is only needed when the user is participating in the RTB market-place. The Extension needs to provide the price-model, currency and bid price. If an ad is returned and no price is specified and the call was for a RTB call, then the calling floor-price will be the assumed bid.